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power cuts in nepal

How To Survive Load Shedding or Power Cuts in Nepal

  Are there alternative sources for updated load-shedding schedules?   - Yes, there are a couple of reliable sources you can use to get latest...

The 5 Reasons That Make Nepal A Proud Country

Nepal might be economically poor, but it's a very proud nation. Nepali people take pride in their cultural richness and are also famous for their unique sets of hospitality, honesty and bravery.
slc board toppers

List of SLC Board Toppers Nepal

In School Leaving Certificate (SLC) ‘s 81 year-long history, there have been 85 board toppers in Nepal. Though the Government of Nepal decided to discontinue the practice...
learn nepali online

8 Online Tools to Learn Nepali Online

Trying to learn Nepali online? Then this article is for you! If you are moving to Nepal for work or travelling for a few months...
volunteer in nepal

10 Useful Tips on Volunteering in Nepal

Nepal is an ideal country for international volunteers. The country’s unique strategic location and a blend of so many things in a tiny nation...

25 Photos From Nepal’s Earthquake That Make You Cry

25 most powerful and moving images that emerged in the wake of the devastating April 2015 earthquake in Nepal. A true story of pain and resilience.

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